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Pathways to Practice

Current and prospective students can learn about different career options in many legal fields, what it’s like to practice in those fields, and how to plan a curriculum to emphasize desired career goals.

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The professors here at South Texas College of Law Houston have created pathways and accompanying materials for sixteen different subjects.

Generally, each of the sixteen subject matters has four components:

Below is a summary of each component. We encourage you to read the summaries, take the time to review the practice area descriptions, and discover your path.

Subject Overview

The subject overview provides a summary of the practice of law in a given field, the subject matter expertise students must acquire to practice in that field, the relevant skills that will help students succeed, and other considerations that students thinking about practicing in that field should know. The subject overview will also explain how courses listed on the curricular pathway relate to practice.

Curricular Pathway

The curricular pathway provides a progression of courses offered at South Texas College of Law Houston that are relevant to an area of practice.

Law Faculty

The law faculty page provides the names and the courses on the pathway taught by both full-time and adjunct faculty. By clicking the name of the faculty member, you can view their contact information. If you have questions about a particular pathway after reading the materials, the listed faculty members are here to help you.


The resources page provides additional sources of information that students might find useful. These resources provide sources for additional information on the practice area in question and sources that will be of use in seeking employment in the specific field.

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