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South Texas College of Law Houston offers a wide array of courses to prepare you for the practice of law, including nearly fifty skills courses and other experiential learning opportunities, as well as hundreds of potential internships for credit. Both the breadth of courses and our longstanding emphasis on skills-based training provides students with unique opportunities to prepare themselves for practice in numerous legal fields.

Designing a curriculum that suits you among all these options, however, can be a daunting task without guidance. You need to understand how all of these course options and skills-based opportunities could coincide with your interests, strengths, and objectives. Indeed, you might even find that you are interested in legal fields and areas of practice that you didn’t even know existed (or only understood on a very general level).

Pathways to Practice is designed to help fill these gaps for current and prospective students. The professors here at STCL Houston have created pathways and accompanying materials for sixteen different subjects. Fifteen of them concern specific areas or types of practice. The other subject is Texas Bar Examination.

We recommend that all students review the Texas Bar Examination materials, regardless of career interest. You will maximize the effectiveness of your curricular planning if you think early in your law school experience about the dual goals of passing the bar and obtaining your desired employment. South Texas provides numerous bar programs, materials, and resources for students throughout law school and even after graduation.

Additionally, your familiarity with the wide scope of courses tested on the bar examination will help you become well-rounded attorneys, as could many other STCL Houston courses not listed on the pathways. For this reason, the faculty recommends that you review the course catalog in its entirety and seek us out with any questions you might have—we’re here to help you.

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